Welcome to Saint Vaast la Hougue

Situated in Val de Saire at the north-eastern end of the Cotentin peninsula, Saint Vaast la Hougue is the original centre for the Normandy oyster.
Oyster farming is concentrated in the Bay of Saint Vaast la Hougue around Tatihou Island, in the shelter of the la Hougue headland and the northern part of Utah beach.

Saint Vaast la Hougue is an important fishing port for both fish and seafood. There is a constant ballet of boats coming in and going out with the tides.

pavillon-bleuSaint Vaast la Hougue has been a certified European Bleu Port (Port Bleu Européen) each year since 1996 for the efforts undertaken on behalf of the environment, marine protection and sustainability.
Saint Vaast la Hougue is also a highly appreciated seaside holiday destination with beautiful Val de Saire granite houses along the dock, and the streets.  People love Saturday morning market with products supplied directly from local fishermen and farmers’ trucks. Thanks to its active yacht club, adults and children are able to sail around Tatihou Island.

In the distance we can see the Saint Marcouf Islands – sentinels of the Baie de Seine.

Saint Vaast la Hougue  – is a place steeped in history, where the battle of La Hougue took place in 1692, and tourists can visit the Vauban Towers which have been Unesco World Heritage sites since 2008.