The long cycle process

Our oyster seeds, supplied by traditional oyster growers, arrive at the farm during the first months of the year, at a size of 6 – 12 mm, depending on heat, storms and general weather conditions.

We put them in bags with a mesh of 4 to 9 mm. At this stage we constantly inspect them and turn bags, watching out for storms. Around 12 months later they are separated into 3 categories according to their size.

The largest will be added to oyster beds situated in high tidal areas, the mediums – will be placed in the middle of the beach and the small ones – will stay in a sheltered area for further year.

Our special oysters are selected at this point. They are bagged by small quantity, approximately 120/130 oysters per bag and then placed in sheltered oyster beds abundant in phytoplankton.

During this cycle the bags have been turned a dozen times, separated 3 times in order to obtain quality oysters and all misshapen oysters have been removed during the process.